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FinAlyzer is a cloud based financial analysis and reporting tool. BeyondSquare FinAlyzer seamlessly pulls financial data from accounting packages like QuickBooks, Tally, etc., and operational data from excel. All this information is converted to actionable business insights that help in decision making.  FinAlyzer provides rich interactive dashboards and MIS reports.               Get a birds's eye-view of our Interactive Dashboards


XBRL is an elegant & easy to use platform for generating XBRL filings for the regulator. BeyondWalls XBRL can be used for MCA XBRL filings, and is compliant with Companies Act 2013. It is easy to navigate, provides real-time validations and allows you to import MCA errors. Whats more, you can also import previous years XBRL . Get a Quick Preview for free. 


FMS is a scalable web application for financial consolidation, financial reporting, financial data analytics and regulatory reporting. BeyondSquare Financial Management Suite offers tremendous value to the F&A and secretarial teams to manage, share, and analyze corporate financial information in an efficient, effective and transparent manner.

Our Services

Product Engineering Services

  • Package implementation services
  • Custom financial solutions on SFDC Platform
  • Loan Management System implementation on MIFOS
  • 3 products rolled out in the financial reporting space building reusable application development frameworks
  • Custom implementations extending FinAlyzer product

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Help clients achieve business benefits by providing
    • BI Roadmap
    • Valuable Insights on data
    • Implementation services
  • Expertise on:
    • Tableau
    • PowerBI
    • Zoho Reports

Custom Application Development

  • Industry agnostic, Rapid application development using Zen Framework©
  • Omni-channel development: Web platform, Android & iOS platforms, kiosks etc.,
  • Technology foot-print in Angular JS, Node JS, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, RDBMS, BigData, MongoDB
  • Strong capabilities to Design, develop & implement mobility strategies & solutions


BeyondSquare FinAlyzer

Most of our clients were looking for a tool that their accountants could configure & use themselves without having to invest in expensive technical resources.There are many tools available but they do not meet the business use cases required for generating financial management reports.

BeyondSquare FinAlyzer is a web based financial analysis ,financial reporting and forecasting tool.

It pulls data from underlying financial accounting systems, seamlessly curates it and provides visual and actionable business insights that help in decision making.                                                

BeyondSquare FinAlyzer advantage:

  • Seamlessly pulls financial data from accounting packages like QuickBooks, Tally, etc., and operational data from Excel.
  • Tracks business health through a set of financial and operational KPIs
  • User-friendly pre-defined excel template
  • Provides early warning through forecasts of cash , revenue and expenses.
  • Aids financial performance analysis
  • Variance analysis and segment-wise reporting
  • In-depth analysis of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Ability to consolidate and report across multiple entities
  • Ability for user to customize and build their own reports.


BeyondWalls XBRL

BeyondSquare Solutions is one of the leaders in XBRL software and services in India, and we have helped a number of large organisations and service providers in their XBRL initiative right from the first year of filing in India.

BeyondWalls XBRL seamlessly supports the importing of data from old to the new taxonomy.

You can import the XBRL generated from any software tool, and import it directly into the BeyondWalls XBRL's new taxonomy template .       




The XBRL Products advantage:

  • Seamlessly move from old taxonomy to new taxonomy Companies Act 2013
  • Automatically import last years XBRL
  • User-friendly pre-defined excel template,
  • No understanding of XBRL taxonomy required
  • Powerful cell level business rule validations
  • Import MCA validation tool errors
  • Comprehensive validation and error report
  • Ability to capture footnotes for any data element
  • Smart Format® for textual data related to notes and disclosures
  • Integrated Workflow, Project and Document management




BeyondSquare Financial Management Suite (FMS)

Most financial executives face the challenge of performing complex financial consolidations using spreadsheets. This process can be error prone, difficult to maintain and audit. Forex translations, global reporting, custom management reporting and other such specific requirements can add to the challenges.

BeyondSquare FMS is a scalable web application for financial consolidation, financial reporting, financial data analytics and regulatory reporting.

BeyondSquare FMS can consolidate financials irrespective of the accounting transaction systems used in the organization The system supports foreign exchange translations and support for differing financial close cycles.                       

BeyondSquare FMS advantage:

  • Seamless integration with accounting systems like SAP , Oracle etc .
  • Financial consolidation and powerful management reporting and analytics
  • Complete customization of output reports
  • Integrated disclosure management
  • Scalable web architecture
  • Cloud/On-Premise hosting models
  • Powerful workflow management features with complete audit trail
  • Reduce consolidation cycle by days or even weeks

BeyondSquare Services

BeyondSquare Services

BeyondSquare services range from highly domain centric business application development to building web/mobile custom applications suiting the needs of small business players across all verticals. We also have expertise in Business Intelligence & Reporting using Tableau, PowerBI & Zoho Reports, package implementation services in SFDC platform, MIFOS customization.

Why BeyondSquare:

  • Team
    • Extensive experience in executing Strategic Global IT and Business Consulting programs
    • Excellent track record in Bespoke consulting services provided to clients across industry verticals
    • Ability to conceptualize & deliver Technology Solutions to Business Requirements
  • Zen Framework©
    • Library of Reusable Frameworks for delivering High Quality Custom Software Solutions
    • Accelerated custom software development
  • Over 20,000 man days doing custom application development
  • 3 successful products rolled out in Financial domain, 100+ user base, across 4 countries
  • Uniquely placed to become a major player in the financial reporting space


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