BeyondSquare FMS is a flexible financial consolidation and reporting application. It provides financial managers the ability to quickly consolidate and report accurate financial reports, with support for any global accounting standard. BeyondSquare FMS is designed to be used and maintained directly by the finance team. It eliminates cumbersome and error prone manual processes in preparation of financial statements. Its advanced reporting module, allows finance managers to build powerful reports and dashboards for internal MIS, CXO reporting and regulatory reporting.

BeyondSquare FMS can consolidate financials irrespective of the accounting transaction systems used in the organization (SAP, Oracle, Tally etc.). The system supports foreign exchange translations and support for differing financial close cycles. Support for different accounting standards ensures that multiple reports can be created without any duplication of effort.

The Disclosure Management module is configurable for various regulatory standards that include IFRS, US-GAAP, Indian GAAP, SEBI, RBI and other local statutory standards. The application provides native support for producing XBRL documents. The system provides useful Microsoft add-ins and pre-defined templates for tagging notes to accounts, footnotes and formatted content.

The Scenario Analysis feature allows for creation of unlimited scenarios (Actual, Budget, Forecast etc), with complete flexibility to consolidate across any scenario and compare across multiple periods.

The Integrated Analytics and Reporting module helps organizations monitor performance across various financial measures to assess organizational performance. The systems allows creation of any number of custom excel reports, so that the organization can continue to automatically generate all the reports that they currently prepare.